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2022 - 2023

Whitespace Architects

Residential , Hospitality, Mixed-Use

High-level management, design team direction and development, design supervision and coordination of design packages until IFC, project creative leadership, are some of the main roles fulfilled as an Associate. These responsibilities are in tandem with the expected duties of a design & project architect.

Design & Project Architect

2022 - 2023

Whitespace Architects

Residential , Hospitality, Mixed-Use

Active design project leadership for several notable and award-winning projects across the UAE and North Africa.

Design & Project Architect

2016 - 2022

Plus 971 Architects


Led several projects both independently and as part of a team through Concept, Design, Visualization, Presentation, Client Consultation, Design Development, Construction Documents & Drawings, Detail Development, Material Procurement & Approvals, Site Co-ordination, and Supervision. 

Independently handled Projects Include :

-   4 Private Residential Villas (Concept to Construction Stage)

-   1 G+M+3+R Residential Building (Concept to Construction Stage)

-   20 Concept & Developed Proposals for Residential & Commercial Projects (Concept to

     Client Approval)

Interior Designer


EVA Interiors 

Interior Fit-outs

Job duties included Concept Design, Visualization, and Detail Development.

Bachelor of Architecture

2011 - 2016

The American University of Sharjah

Imaginary Mutations

This thesis explored the sensory and material exploration of the visual qualities of fiber optics and their possible applications in architecture.

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